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Welcome to Mama Zara empanadas

At Mama Zara Empanadas, we take pride in being a family-owned business and preserving the vibrant essence of our Colombian heritage. Meticulously crafted with love and care, Our empanadas feature a delicate and crispy gluten-free corn dough shell, generously filled with a variety of mouthwatering recipes.

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Catering Service 

Introducing Mama Zara Empanadas Catering services for a wide range of social and business events. From energetic music venues to educational institutions and sports events to intimate social gatherings, we have got you covered. Our team is well-equipped to bring the taste and spirit of Mama Zara to your event, creating a culinary experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests

"Flavor and Tradition Wrapped in a Crunchy Shell"
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Our Flavors

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